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Serving Public & Private Clients in California for over 35 Years

DCA has completed hundreds of projects in a variety of market sectors across California since our founding in 1979. We are committed to the success of our clients by being responsive to their needs and providing exceptional customer service and quality designs from our highly skilled team.


Our design process begins with listening to our clients. Our team brings expertise in developing the best processes for planning, designing and constructing public and private buildings, and other physical structures.

Project Management

As a project manager, DCA is responsible for initiating, planning, executing, and properly closing the best possible projects for our clients. We work to ensure that our delivery teams achieve specific milestones and meet the success criteria the client has defined.


Our unique relationships with state agencies and our strong network of building professionals to call on have become a tremendous asset on our clients’ projects. As a consultant, we guarantee to provide the best expert advice to those working in the public and private building sector.

Other services include:

  • Energy Expenditure Planning
  • Cost Estimating
  • Design/Build & Bridging
  • Design Management
  • Project Bid Support
  • Construction Administration