We are proud to Welcome Ken Schroeder

We would like to welcome Ken Schroeder, Senior Project Manager, to Derivi Castellanos Architects (DCA). 

Ken enjoys every project, the unique differences bring new and exciting challenges to traverse with a new team. Through collaboration, grace, and optimism, he delivers cohesive results and quality projects. 

He treasures being able to play a role in instilling excitement and pride in school staff, students, and community members through the construction and modernization of learning environments. 

Ken has two degrees from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, and a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management. “The juxtaposition of these two disciplines has helped me understand the need for school environments that are aesthetic, energizing for students and staff, and are safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient”, Ken shares. His experiences at Cal Poly exemplified the school motto “learn by doing.”  One of his practical opportunities included studying art and architecture in Florence Italy for his final year of studies. 

Ken explains one of the reasons he got into the field, “My father shared his passion for construction with me.  As a teenager he let me work with him during the summer breaks.  I learned the joy of being a good craftsman.   It was my 5th-grade teacher who sparked my interest in architecture when she asked my class to design a house for her.” 

A favorite project in his 40-year career was the Menlo-Atherton High School Performing Arts Center (https://mithun.com/project/menlo-atherton-performing-arts-center/), which went through a design competition. The structure has very few walls that are perpendicular or parallel, an amazing building. Built-in 2010, this was also his first project using 3D modeling.  The uniqueness of the design, the use of 3D modeling, and the close collaboration with the architects and owner’s representative made this a memorable project for Ken. 

For young leaders, Ken offers the following, “When I became a project manager, I had to realize I did not have to know everything.  Once I realized I was part of a team, a team that was greater than the individuals, each member contributing in different ways, it made my role as a leader more enjoyable. Be a learner, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be respectful and courteous to everyone.”

Ken is proud to have raised twin daughters with his wife of 36 years.  He is originally from Marina, California, has lived in Fremont for 40 years, and is an active member of his church. Since he joined DCA, Ken finds himself blessed with the flexibility to spend more time with his wonderful wife.  Aside from work and family, Ken enjoys working on home improvement projects and is an avid woodworker.  

Article by Marisol Alexandria Sanchez, Ocean Sun Media, published April 9th, 2021.