Team Member Spotlight: Christian Bernard

Derivi Castellanos Architects is thrilled to welcome our newest Designer, Christian Bernard, to the DCA team. Christian was in first grade when he decided to become an architect.  He was enthralled at the power architecture has to inspire, transform, and uplift communities. Christian aims to design eye-catching equitable environments to be enjoyed by all. He emphasizes design that resonates with various people from an array of cultures and backgrounds. He looks forward to creating buildings that adapt to suit the needs of the people, program, and the community. To him, the best type of architecture is one with high functionality, in which end-user satisfaction and effective utilization of space are key. We here at DCA share his desire to embrace diversity and culture, to construct comradery, to implement inclusivity, and to design connection.

As a recent graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Christian already has a broad skill set and foundation for success in the field of architecture. He’s a team player with the mindset of a leader. He treasures people and values the development of lifelong friendships. He is adept at working with large teams while embracing difference and remaining adaptive. He cherishes the opportunity to tackle a puzzle and is highly motivated. Architecture truly is his calling in life.

As his career moves forward, his zeal for the field of architecture will continue to expand. His inspiration knows no bounds and his curiosity is ceaseless. He loves the work he does. In his free time, he designs his dream projects, dives further into architecture research, and stays fresh on the latest topics of the field. He is eager to soak up everything possible, to learn from it, and allow that knowledge to grow, and to develop himself into a better architect because of it. “Architecture will never be just a job for me because this is what I love to do, this is my passion”.

Christian values working on school projects for under-served communities. He is delighted to work with DCA on the design of learning environments that inspire excitement, invigorate curiosity, and stimulate a passion for lifelong learning.

DCA shares Christians’ desire to uplift communities through mindful design, and collaborative teamwork.

 This is what fuels our DCA familia, welcome Christian!