Team Member Spotlight: Tri Do

Join us in welcoming Tri Do as a Job Captain for the Derivi Castellanos Architects team! Tri believes that his ability to be a team player has contributed to his accomplishments in the A/E/C industry. “More people means more solutions,” explains Tri, who has worked as a job captain and junior designer for the last decade on projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

It was Tri’s father who suggested that he consider architecture as a career. While earning his bachelor of architecture degree from California College for the Arts, Tri was intrigued by the idea that there was more than one answer to a question. He also found truth in the “less is more” aphorism by German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and grew to appreciate simple and elegant designs.

Tri finds that eliminating unnecessary noise and background in drawings is a good challenge and one of his top skills. He is motivated to work on school projects with DCA — knowing that the projects will make a positive impact on kids is very fulfilling.

What’s on the bucket list? Tri hopes to one day visit Japan, Hong Kong and Europe, experiencing historical architecture firsthand. With two small children and a busy household, he applies the “less is more” motto to life in general, noting that as we grow from a child to an adult, we tend to make our life more complicated than it should be. “Sometimes taking away things we don’t need can give us more enjoyment,” says Tri. “There is beauty with simplicity.”