Team Member Spotlight: Herman Fernandez

We are pleased to welcome Herman Fernandez as a Job Captain for Derivi Castellanos Architects (DCA)! Herman holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from California Polytechnic State University, Pomona and has worked in the residential, commercial and education industry for seven years. For the last four years, he drafted architectural plans to modernize Bay Area schools and he recently served as a job captain for the modernization of Hayward High School. His role included overseeing the design team and coordinating with engineering consultants and the construction manager.Herman enjoys the challenges that come with design and with management — with design, it’s the dilemma of having restrictions and finding creative ways to surprise the client, and with management, it’s the coordination of the large team and meeting the timelines and budgets. When it comes to drafting, he is very organized and detail oriented, and takes pride in delivering clean, high-quality drawings. He is also process driven and strives to make the project enjoyable for teammates. “I communicate regularly with the team to assure everyone understands roles, expectations and the next objective,” says Herman, who excelled at math and art growing up and committed to pursuing architecture during freshman year.Herman is grateful for his mentors during school and throughout his career, and thankful for Gaston Olvera, Senior Project Manager with DCA, for teaching him the ins and outs of construction while they were working together previously. Herman loved school as a child and wants to pay it forward by helping students have the best facilities possible.Outside of work, Herman has several hobbies, including social gatherings, water adventures, hiking and sports. He has learned that self-care is important, and he is often reading a new book or enjoying a relaxing wine tasting trip. Herman is constantly learning and growing his skillset … his goals for the future include obtaining his architecture license and designing his own home.Welcome to the team, Herman!