Team Member Spotlight: Jason Albright

Derivi Castellanos Architects is excited to welcome Jason Albright as a Senior Project Manager to our growing team! Jason’s 30 years of architecture and project management in the San Francisco Bay Area has included a wide range of projects spanning several markets — the top of his list is his experience designing and managing the historical Vina Enoteca restaurant renovation at the Stanford Barn (next to the Stanford University campus) and his project management role for the Kaiser Permanente San Leandro Medical Center project, which involved achieving a major scheduling milestone when transitioning departments and equipment from an older campus to a new medical center.

What does Jason love about his job? “I enjoy people interaction…dissecting someone’s ideas in order to create something that wasn’t there,” he explains. “How you extract that info and be able to present it back to somebody and how a project can come from schematic design to a built project…there’s an immense amount of satisfaction with starting and finishing.”

Jason has always had an interest in art, architecture and history and enjoyed drafting classes in high school. He went on to achieve a bachelor of arts degree in architecture from UC Berkeley. He does miss the hands-on, artistic feeling of drawing renderings (and choosing the best colored pencils) in his early days, but appreciates the advances that electronic media have brought.

The best advice Jason has been given is to listen and think before you speak. He explains that it’s easy get excited about something and want to chime in, but sometimes it’s better to listen because you might not get the whole picture. Jason has three his kids (ages 23, 16 and 13) and has witnessed the importance of education facilities — he looks forward to incorporating learning styles, technology and safety measures to help clients create first-class schools.

Welcome to the team Jason!